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You Can make this!

[Month] [Year] Makers Workshop: [Craft Name]

Continuing our collection’s [Theme] theme, today, we’re excited to share the [Specific Craft Technique/Material, e.g., “Crepe Paper”] [Craft Name] for the [Month] Makers Workshop.

This project is ideal for our [Skill Level e.g., “intermediate”] crafters looking to [Purpose/Goal of the Craft, e.g., “move up a skill level”].

For this workshop, gather the tools and materials listed below. Members, mark your calendars for [Date, e.g., “August 18, 2023”], at [Time e.g., “12:00 p.m. PST”] where we’ll be going live in our private Facebook community to guide you through this [Season/Reason e.g., “fun summer”] craft. Missed the live session? Catch up with the video recording anytime!

[Catchy Title, e.g., "Summer time fun!"]

Given the [Specific Techniques e.g., “advanced techniques used in building this piñata”], this project is a great fit for our [Skill Level] crafters. [Specific Material, e.g., “Fringed crepe paper”] gives the [Craft Name] its unique charm. We selected [Description of Palette, e.g., “bright hues to make it pop”] and [technique for what, e.g., “layered different shades for depth.”

Share your final [Craft Name] masterpiece! Post your photos in our crafters community or on Instagram with the hashtag #[YourHashtag, e.g., “PCCMaker”].

Skill: [Skill Level, e.g., “Intermediate”]

General Supplies + Tools
These are the tools and materials that we use with just about all of our monthly club projects.
Cricut machine
Transfer tape
Hot glue gun + Glue sticks

[Craft Name] Specific Tools:

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