Faux Bells

How to Make Faux Jingle Bells

How to Make a Cheater Bow (Step-by-Step)

  • Cut pipe cleaner into thirds
  • Take the 2 pieces of 1.5” ribbon and tie a lose knot into each piece, and then trim on each side of the knot around 1-1 1/5 in away from knot.
  • Take the small piece of 2.5” ribbon, and make the breast cancer awareness shape with the ribbon.
  • Hold the X where the ribbon crosses with one hand, and the top loop with your other hand
  • Take the top loop and fold it onto the center of the X and squish all the layers together
  • Secure with a twist tie and trim the twist tie short and fold the ends around the center of the bow.
  • Then put a dot of hot glue onto the center of your bow, and then take 1 of the knots and place on the hot glue and press down to secure.
  • Flip the bow over and glue the ends of the knot to the back, holding while the hot glue cools down
  • Flip the bow over and trim the tails to your liking and fluff the bow.
  • Repeat this process for 2 bows – 1 single bow and 1 double bow


You will use the small and medium 2.5” ribbons, repeat steps 1-6. Layer both bows with the larger one in the back and the smaller one on top.  Secure with a dab of hot glue, then move onto step 7.


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