Flower Market Workshop

We are so excited our our newest Flower Market Workshop! This is a pre-recorded workshop where you will have access to all of the videos, files, and instruction booklet after registering AND it comes with a kit!

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** Amazon links are the closest item we can find to what we use in the class – Print Cut Craft manufactures the kits so getting the exact wood cutout pieces is not usually available, so we are picking items as close to them as we can.

General Supplies + Tools

Traci’s Favorite Crafting Supplies can be found here!

Below is the full supply list of everything you will need.

**Items marked (KIT) beside of them is what’s including when you purchase a kit from us.

Yellow Rain Boot


need to purchase the class?

The Flower Market Workshop

This class includes the kit and the workshop that has all of the tutorials, files, and printable instruction booklets.

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