Traci’s Favorite Crafting Supplies

Everyone always wants to know what my favorite supplies are, so we have put together this handy, dandy list!

As a newbie, you will find that some of these are nice to have rather than must haves. You are always welcome to use what you have on hand, which is what I always recommend!

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Transfer Tape

I flip flop between the Vinyl Ease Blue Grid and the Tape Man Blue transfer tape. Both are about medium in tackiness so they work for a range of different crafts.


I really like the fine point on the Fiskars with the spring and they are super comfortable to use! But I also like to keep a broad tip pair in my room, because you can never have too many scissors, right?


I love Joinus vinyl! This is a local shop here in Texas. I use them every chance I get.


As a beginner you may be really tempted to always go with the Cricut brand of mats. BUT those things can be expensive! So I always grab a variety pack of this brand that they work just as great!


You guys, this brayer works WONDERS! It’s perfect for those mats that have lost their sticky to get the material to stay in place. I also use it to make sure the material is stuck well so the machine doesn’t rip while cutting.

Lint Roller

If you are new here, you might think this one is a little weird! Again, this is another diamond in the rough when it comes to Cricut crafts. When I am weeding projects, I stick it to the lint roller!

Ryobi Glue Gun

I love this glue gun. If you are still using the kind with the cord, you will quickly realize this baby is a game changer!

Mini Glue Gun

Don’t let the size fool you, the mini glue gun is mighty! This is my go-to when I need ultimate precision. The tip is much smaller and so much easier to work

Bearly Art Glue

This is by far the best glue on the planet! It’s perfect for paper crafting and that fine point tip works every time!

Heat Gun

The secret to crafting faster! Seriously guys, if you have watched any of my videos that require painting, you know I get my money’s worth out of this heat gun.

Cricut Maker 3

I used the Explore Air model for the longest time, but when it died, I went with the Maker. It can cut a few more types of fabric and has the rotary blade, so that’s a plus.

Accessory Case

Have trouble keeping up with blades and housings? This little gadget organizer takes care of that and keeps everything nice and tidy. Pretty sure every crafter out there needs more organization right?!

Large Heat Press

I cannot tell you how easy this heat press is to use. I love my Cricut press, but if you can foot the bill, I highly recommend springing for a bigger option. It’s especially nice if you think you are going to start selling your crafts as a business. The plates are bigger enough to press just about any size shirt and wood (yes, you can heat transfer vinyl on wood crafts!)

Weeding Tools

When working with vinyl crafts, you will definitely need weeding tools. The great thing about this package is that it has other tools that are totally logical and functional. Just as a quick lesson, the scraper is used for transferring vinyl. The spatula is perfect for getting materials off the mat without tearing anything up. AND we all know what scissors are used for, even though I prefer the others I listed at the top of this page.

Paper Cutter

Sometimes it’s just easier to use a cutter when I want those crisp, straight lines. This one works great, because it’s 12 inches, so it fits most scrapbook paper.

Mini Heat Press

This little heat press comes in handy when working with small projects. However, I would not recommend the mini press as your only option of heat when it comes to transferring bigger projects.

Replacement Blades

At some point your blades will need to be replaced. When the begin to dull, you will notice paper ripping and your vinyl isn’t being cut as well.

Hope you love this list of favorites! I am always testing out new things, so if they make the cut, I will add them here in the future!

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