Berry Patch Supply List

We are getting ready for the LIVE spring workshop, where we are going to be making strawberry themed tiered tray decor!

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** Amazon links are the closest item we can find to what we use in the class – Print Cut Craft manufactures the kits so getting the exact wood cutout pieces is not usually available, so we are picking items as close to them as we can.

**Items marked (KIT) beside of them is what’s including when you purchase a kit from us. If you haven’t purchased a kit, and want one, click the button below.

General Supplies + Tools

Traci’s Favorite Crafting Supplies can be found here!

Below is the full supply list of everything you will need. If you prefer to download a supply list to print, click the button below.

Strawberry Patch Sign

Fresh Picked Strawberries

Yummy Sign

Fabric Strawberry

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