Organizing Vinyl Scraps

Recently we just finished up our Happy Harvest Fall Workshop where I realized how many scraps I had laying all over the place! AND a bunch of our club members have also been asking me how I store and reuse my scraps. 

So today I am going to show you how to organize your scrap paper, vinyl, and heat transfer vinyl in a binder! 

Don’t forget to download your FREE files to label your organizer along with the cover sheets between each category! You can use these with your Cricut to print and cut them out! 

opt in instructions for binder files

Watch the Video

finished vinyl scrap binder that has been labeled

What You Need to Organize Your Scraps

  • 3-Ring Binder 
  • Page Protectors
  • Sticker Paper – to create the tabs
  • Printer – used to print on the sticker paper 
  • Cricut Machine – to cut out the tabs after they have printed
  • The Files for the Tabs 

Before You Start Your Binder: 

Organize your scraps before you even begin labeling your binder. I recommend dividing the materials up, then sorting by other options. 

Once you are finished you will have a section for paper, premium vinyl, and HTV. You can also use this method for fabric scraps, stickers, and other types of vinyl and faux leather. 

Sorting Your Paper and Vinyl: 

Here are some ways you can sort so it’s easier to take inventory before you run out and buy new supplies. 

  • Organize by pattern:  floral, geometric, solid, textured
  • Sort by Holidays
  • Themes: such as baby showers, birthdays, weddings
  • Sort by Color
  • You may even want to start a section for your most popular colors. 

Assembling the Scrap Binder

Add the cover sheets to the page protectors. 

Peel off the label stickers and be sure to alternate them going down each page so that you have no trouble seeing all of the tabs (check out the video to see how Traci does it)

Then start adding your scraps to the other protector sheets. 

If they start getting too full, just use another one. 

Before you add all of the scraps, try trimming them down so they are more uniform in size and actually fit in the protector sheets. 

side view of the finished binder

Once you’re done, tag us on Instagram so we can see how organized you are and take a peek inside your craft stash! 

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